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Chipmunk Prefabricated Foot Orthotic

Prefabricated Foot Orthotic

Designed to control moderate low tone pronation with an optimal amount of support and comfort, the Chipmunk has an integrated two-part system combining internal support from molded foam contours with the stability of a flat, external base and deep heel cup for maximum correction of foot position.


  • For patients who exhibit moderate pronation and have a fully correctable foot position. The patient’s medial arch is reduced, forefoot is moderately abducted, and heel is everted.
  • For patients who may benefit from the sensory feedback that a contoured shoe insert can provide.

Key Features

  • High medial trimline
  • Bottom plastic base
  • Built-in arch padding
  • Plantar surface
  • Foam liner
  • Flattened toe shelf
  • Prefabricated; Available in a wide range of pediatric and adult sizes
Prefabricated Foot Orthotic
Prefabricated Foot Orthotic