Customer Testimonials

Fitted for a wrist brace, very friendly, efficient, and super helpful! Recommended to all my friends to request Biodynamic from their doctor!

I needed to get a boot for my left foot due to injuries. I got Bio Dynamic Technologies information from my Insurance and I was seen right away, both the Front Desk and Mitchell Himmel went beyond any expectations I had. Both prompt and courteous they were able to take care of my needs. I would recommend Bio Dynamic Technologies to anyone that needs this type of service. Thank you, thank you!

My mother-in-law just went for a brace fitting and raved at how great Mitchell and the whole team was during her visit. She's a bit tech-challenged but I promised I would leave this review so she'd be able to acknowledge their excellent care and service.

Got knee braces and back braces from them. Fantastic customer service. Even came to my home to fit me with the back brace. I would not go anywhere else.

I have recently torn my left knee meniscus and at the age of 79 ,still want to continue our annual ski vacation. Anxiously have been searching for the right place in Manhattan to find knowledgeable people to professionally fit me with a knee brace. Yesterday I found the spot. BioDynamic's is everything I had been looking for. A top-notch professional Orthotist, Mitchell Himmel suggested possible applicable braces and we settled for an Ossur Rebound Dual, which is the prime choice for their skiing clientele. Mitchell custom fitted the brace to my leg and patiently readjusted as needed. It fits snuggly and properly and it is super light. I now have the confidence to go forward with the ski trip.

I highly recommend Bio Dynamic Tech.

When I first came to Bio Dynamic, I had some concerns, as I am a bit of a skeptic. I wondered if their services would be of any help to me. My concerns were put to rest by Mitchell Himmel, who assured me that he would assist me in finding the best possible solution suitable for my needs.

Today, I received The Guardian Sport Rehabilitator braces for both legs. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to walk without a cane and with no pain. It has been overwhelming to live day to day with so much pain and to have one's quality of life come to a halt. It goes without saying, that I'm walking out of Bio Dynamic with a new lease on life!

Thanks so much to Dr. Hyams for referring me to Bio Dynamic and to Mitchell Himmel whose professionalism and attention to detail gave me the confidence I needed to make this work.

I have received my knee brace on the day of my surgery; however, the person who fixed it, made it loose, and made all measurement completely wrong. For the first 10 day after the surgery I had a nightmare trying to fix the knee brace to the point I just gave up; until I went for my post op appointment. I made a complaint to the physician assistance. She called Mitchell Himmell, and the minute he looked at it, he know exactly what was wrong!!! He fixed it perfectly and tought me how to fix it if gets uncomfortable. Thanks Mitchell.

I have Bone on Bone Damage in both knees and will eventually need replacement surgery. After Going to the Hospital for Special Surgery for an evaluation and explaining my pain and mobility issues I was fitted with A knee Brace that gives me total mobility and allows me to walk and climb stairs without any problems I am on my feet between 8 & 12 hours a day and my Knees are usually swollen at the end of the day Since I began wearing the brace I haven’t had to take any anti inflammatory or pain medication. The technician who fitted me for my brace was Sylvana Cespedes she was working at the office of Dr Thomas Wickiewicz

This company was great. The delivery of equipment needed was made as promised & on time. The reps who met with me in the hospital and my home were courteous & professional. No issues with my insurance company either. I would definitely recommend their services & plan to use them in the future if needed!!!

Great knowledgeable bracing clinicians!

My mother has very bad knee problems and a friend of us encouraged us to consult with Bio Dynamic Tech about equipment that could offer some relief. We could not be happier with the results. My mom went from being in chronic, unrelenting pain to being able to walk a few blocks without stopping. The staff at Bio Dynamic Tech was kind and professional and very clear about how to use the equipment; there is also someone always ready and available to answer questions when they arise. I couldn't recommend this business more.

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