Elite™ AFO Rehabilitator™

Ideal carbon fiber AFO dynamic ankle / foot dorsi-assist and lower leg extension assist therapy for correcting foot drop and improving gait. The Elite™ AFO Rehabilitator™ has a unique flexible footplate design that provides a slight gait correcting upwards “pop” at toe off to facilitate hip and knee flexion and discourage hip circumduction in gait. The unique gait correcting actions of the Elite™ AFO Rehabilitator™ facilitate improvements in gait both braced and unbraced over time.

The Elite™ AFO Rehabilitator™ is a carbon fiber AFO with an anterior cuff and lateral strut. As the patient walks, ground reaction forces with improved heel strike activate forward momentum creating a dynamic ankle / foot dorsi assist at toe off to eliminate foot drop. The unique flexible foot plate design provides an upward “pop” at toe off to facilitate hip and knee flexion to reduce hip circumduction and improve gait biomechanics. The Elite™ AFO Rehabilitator™ is an ideal AFO for patients receiving gait training physical therapy, as the dynamic gait assist provided by the brace facilitates gait training therapy.

Many chronically poor ambulators currently using more rigid AFO’s may benefit from upgrading to the dynamic assist Elite™ AFO Rehabilitator™. Patients should exhibit adequate ankle stability unbraced. Replacing a rigid AFO with the Elite™ AFO Rehabilitator™ can improve gait biomechanics and gait speed while reducing energy expenditure during gait.

The AFO Varus / Valgus Control strap is available as an accessory to provide greater varus/valgus ankle support.


  • Controls foot drop and improves foot placement
  • Facilitates gait rehabilitation
  • Improves proprioception and encourages increased volitional use of leg muscles
  • Accommodates plantar flexion
  • L 1932

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Elite™ AFO Rehabilitator™Elite™ AFO Rehabilitator™Elite™ AFO Rehabilitator™