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Contracture Management

Knee Extension Orthosis (KEO)

The knee orthosis utilizes two “Mackie Hinges” for use in the management of soft tissue flexion and/or extension contractures. The joints have removable knobs for a lower profile fit and better patient compliance. The knee orthosis is available in three pre-fabricated sizes, (small, medium and large), custom to measurements, and custom to cast.

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Mayo Clinic Elbow Brace

The Elbow Brace provides a static stretch of the elbow in both flexion and extension. This dual action replaces the need for two braces for elbow contracture and also eliminates the need for serial casting for elbow reconstructions and acute fracture dislocations.

Sturdy metal uprights provide stability, while the straps with aircells securely hold the brace in position and ensure patient comfort. The innovative control knob and adjustable hinge make the brace unique. During operation the control knob is set to the desired degree of flexion or extension. Because of the calibrated control knob dial, the patient and medical professional can easily monitor progress in ROM throughout therapy.

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