Upper Extremity Bracing

Form Fit® Thumb Spica

For Fit Thumb SpicaIdeal for tendonitis, post-cast healing and soft tissue injuries, the Form Fit Thumb Spica offers superior comfort and fit. Supplemented by our patented Form Fit 3-dimensional molding technology allowing for varied padding thicknesses to conform to the hand, the Form Fit Thumb Spica is durable, lightweight and extremely easy to use.

Product Highlights

  • Patented Form Fit 3-dimensional molding technology allows us to vary padding thickness in strategic locations for superior comfort and fit
  • Effective long-term immobilization and protection
  • Adjustable radial and palmar stays
  • Adjustable design for customized fit
  • Exceptional comfort

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Form Fit® Wrist Brace

For Fit Wrist BraceProduct Highlights

  • Patented Form Fit 3-dimensional molding technology allows varied padding thicknesses in strategic locations for superior comfort and fit
  • Extremely breathable, LYCRA®-lined interior
  • Lightweight, durable fabric construction
  • Contoured along distal palmar crease to allow for 90° M.P. flexion
  • Precisely-sculpted, narrow web space prevents pinching
  • V-notch at fifth M.P. to allow for palmar spread
  • Palmar stay is removable and adjustable
  • Easy-to-use contact closure straps

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Innovator X® Post-Op Elbow

Innovator X Post-Op ElbowBenefiting from our proven, patented technologies, Innovator X, with extending struts, can help improve patient outcomes. With superior comfort, clean aesthetics and the most user-friendly hinge in post-op bracing, Innovator X was designed to increase patient satisfaction and compliance.

Product Highlights

  • OneTouch button enables easy release for slide-to-size length adjustments
  • Easy-to-use Innovator hinge makes flexion and extension adjustments simple
  • Sensil® silicone padding on straps reduces migration for an improved fit and increased stability
  • Malleable aluminum cuffs allow customization for increased fit and support

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Bio Shoulder Immobilizer ABD

Bio Shoulder Immobilizer ABDProduct Highlights

  • Unique V-lock strapping system prevents roll and shifting to provide secure shoulder immobilization
  • Indicated for Bankart repairs, rotator cuff repairs, separations or dislocations
  • Features extended length pillow with malleable stay for proper positioning along with exercise ball to increase circulation
  • Available in four sizes (small thru x-large) that fit either left or right

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