Trainer® – MCL Brace

Trainer - MCL BraceThis cost-effective, single-upright knee brace is the perfect option to treat moderate MCL injuries, or mild combined ligament instabilities. With a diagonal DFS strap that tightens when the knee is extended, Trainer resists valgus forces and minimizes axial rotation. Its carbon steel range-of-motion hinge and injection-molded carbon shells are extremely durable, and an Adjustable Tibial Strap provides tibial capture and improved suspension. The Trainer knee brace is an excellent option for use in activities where a medial hinge may impede performance, or a padded shell covering is required.

Indications for Use

  • Mild to moderate ligament laxity and acute management of Grade I and Grade II MCL sprains
  • Recommended for low to medium contact/impact

Product Highlights

  • Single lateral upright & hinge to decrease discomfort in the medial compartment
  • Extremely durable, injection-molded Triax® shells combine strength and flexibility
  • Dynamic Force Strap® eliminates the need for a medial upright
  • Dynamic Force Strap® tightens with extension to resist valgus forces and minimize axial rotation
  • Tempered carbon steel ROM hinge with flex/ext stops
  • Adjustable Tibial Strap (ATS) for improved suspension and fit
  • Coolflex® sleeve provides breathable compression and comfort
Trainer - MCL BraceTrainer - MCL BraceTrainer - MCL BraceTrainer - MCL Brace

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