We know that doctors, nurses and all healthcare professionals are on the front lines in this ever-evolving battle with Covid-19. Thank you! We want to let you know that you can rely on us to help you and your patients in any way that we can.

We are strictly following CDC Covid-19 guidelines and as an essential business, we have certified personnel and ample products on hand. We will make all necessary arrangements for your patients to receive their prescribed item(s) as well as fitting specific devices as needed.

Please feel free to send your orders, requests or questions by email to customerservice@biodynamictech.com. To contact a supervisor, please leave a voicemail for Mallory Garcia at 646-380-2572 or email her at magarcia@biodynamictech.com.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Solutions

For over thirty years Bio Dynamic Technologies has been an industry leader in providing post-operative and trauma patients with a full range of state-of-the-art orthopedic rehabilitation products and devices, specifically designed to successfully assist patients in making a speedy recovery from surgical procedures and post-accident trauma.

Bio Dynamic Technologies has become the company of choice in rehab products and services for physicians and their patients throughout the tri-state area by providing world-class customer service, performed by our experienced and dedicated staff that personalizes our services to meet the needs and concerns of every patient.