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Formfit® OA Ease

Formfit® OA Ease

The Formfit® OA Ease knee brace with patented 3-Point Leverage System provides easy-to-wear relief from mild-to-moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis.

Product description

The Formfit® OA Ease is a single upright brace with a Dynamic Force System™ strap designed to relieve pain from mild-to-moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis (OA)

Its wraparound design is easy to apply and remove using simple rubber pull-tabs, color-coded guide dots, and strap tension indicator lines

This low-profile knee brace is comfortable, easy to use, and adapts to a variety of leg anatomies

The Formfit OA Ease can also be machine washed for effortless care

Key features

  • Easy Wraparound Design – Simple rubber pull-tab, color-coded guide dots, and a convenient hinge alignment guide make application and removal simple
  • Relieves OA Pain – 3-Point Leverage System with Dynamic Force System™ strap, shells, and low-profile hinges biomechanically unloads the affected knee compartment
  • Comfortable – Stretchy, lightweight, and breathable fabric feels great against the skin and can be machine washed for effortless care
  • Discreet – Low-profile brace with slim hinge can be worn under clothes
  • Control – Fine-tune strap tension for custom pain relief with marked dosing indicator lines
  • Extension kits and liners are available to further enhance fit and comfort


  • Mild-to-moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis and/or degenerative meniscal tears -Other conditions that may benefit from unicompartmental unloading
Formfit® OA Ease
Formfit® OA Ease
Formfit® OA Ease