Bio Dynamic Technologies


Game Changer™

Patented Technology that Changes the Way Real Extension is Attained Post-Surgery

Game ChangerPatented breakthrough Game Changer technology gives the physician the ability to minimize contractures of the knee to maintain and attain full range of motion as quickly as possible.

  • A newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.
  • Ideal for patients with a known extension deficit or concern of one
  • Finally static stretch is combined with passive motion!
  • Game Changer knee extension assist device can maintain and attain range of motion


  • Game Changer ROM from -3 to 120 degrees
  • Capable of Static Stretch in one degree increments
  • Able to pause and stretch statically up to 15 minutes
  • Reimbursable by most insurance companies
  • Our experienced technicians deliver and instruct patients on its proper use in their home or medical facility
Game ChangerGame Changer