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Guardian Rehabilitator™ System

Do you suffer from Knee Osteoarthritis?

The Guardian Rehabilitator brace is a NEW, clinically proven, comfortable and non-invasive device that with 90 days of use:

The Guardian Rehabilitator can be obtained with a doctor’s prescription and is reimbursed by all major insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid and Workers’ Comp.

Clinically proven to improve function!

The Rehabilitator™ Line

Guardian Brace features the innovative Rehabilitator™ line of gait correcting, leg strengthening braces. Rehabilitator™ Knee Braces are clinically proven to reduce UNBRACED pain, strengthen the affected leg, and significantly improve function after only 90 days of brace wear.

The Sport Rehabilitator™ can be used to prehabilitate a weakened leg prior to Total Knee Replacement surgery and to accelerate recovery and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, the Sport Rehabilitator™ accelerates recovery from knee injury / surgery by up to 50%. The Sport EXT Rehabilitator™ effectively reverses post op extension deficits by lengthening shortened tissue and strengthening the quadriceps muscles as the patient walks.

Until the development of the Guardian Knee REHABILITATOR™ System, many patients lost strength when relying on a knee brace for support and protection. More importantly, no clinical evidence exists to suggest that current functional knee braces have the ability to strengthen the weakened leg during brace use. The REHABILITATOR™ System represents a significant advancement in knee bracing.

Guardian REHABILITATORS™ strengthen the affected leg during brace wear such that the affected leg is clinically strengthened, gait is restored and significant clinical benefits carry over UNBRACED after just 90 days of brace wear. This system of knee braces is an alternative to functional knee braces and has significant prehabiitation and rehabilitation benefits, dramatically improving patient outcome in as little as 90 days.

With disease such as knee OA or injury / surgery of the knee the affected leg(s) may become weakened. Gait is negatively affected and the movement inside the knee joint can become altered, causing an increase in joint wear and tear over time. Traditional functional unloaders or support braces do not address leg weakening or gait alterations and have been suspected of actually contributing to leg weakness.

Guardian Knee Braces are the ONLY CLINICALLY PROVEN braces to significantly delay the progression of knee OA, demonstrate significant improvements in patient leg strength, pain relief and patient gait after only 90 days of wear. All improvements were measured UNBRACED. Use of the OA REHABILITATOR™ was found to be more effective that physical exercise programs alone in the conservative management of knee OA.

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