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Iceross Seal-In® X Locking

Iceross Seal-In® X Locking

The Iceross Seal-In X Locking is a silicone liner for transtibial amputees of all activity levels, providing superior function by combining the benefits of locking suspension with the benefits of Seal-In. The liner is available in both 3mm and 6mm profiles. The liner should be used with the Icelock 562 Hybrid.

The benefits of vacuum for locking liner users

Liners contribute to proper suspension and are the foundation of a comfortable and effective prosthetic. Even the most technologically advanced prosthesis needs the right liner solution to ensure proper fit, function and comfort. Developed for trans-tibial locking liner users of all activity levels, Iceross Seal-In X Locking provides improved function by combining the benefits of locking suspension with the benefits of vacuum suspension. Users of locking suspension systems who have placed their trust in the mechanical connection with its perceivable feedback can now also benefit from the reduced pistoning (1) and improved rotational control (2) offered by vacuum suspension.

Secure Suspension (1)
Secure suspension reduces movement of the residual limb in the socket, resulting in less pain and risk of skin ulcers (2).

Reduced Pistoning
Seal-In liners reduce pistoning within the socket up to 71% (4) compared to a locking liner.

Improved Rotational Control with Seal-In (1)
Rotation inside the socket can cause skin irritation. Seal-In liners improve rotational control compared to a silicone liner with a shuttle lock and a PU liner (3).

Product Description

Iceross Seal-In X locking liners provide users with a combination of locking suspension and Seal-In, combining the benefits of both

Paired with Icelock® 562 Hybrid, transtibial users who trust the direct, mechanical connection to the socket that locking liners provide can now experience the many benefits of Seal-In® vacuum and Unity® elevated vacuum suspension by Össur

Combine Seal-In Technology with Unity vacuum system for stabilization of volume fluctuations and comfortable socket fit throughout the day

Featuring the same moveable seal rings characteristic of all Iceross Seal-In X liners, Iceross Seal-In X Locking liners reduce pistoning and improve rotational control when compared to locking suspension alone and when combined with Unity sleeveless elevated vacuum system, users can experience the added clinical benefits of reduced volume fluctuations and improved gait symmetry and balance

Key Features

  • Combines benefits of locking suspension, Seal-In and elevated vacuum
  • Soft DermoGel® silicone.
  • Seamless functional textile for easy knee bending
  • Stabilizing matrix.
  • Compatible with all movable seal-ring options.
  • Compatible with Unity

General Information

Level of limb difference: Transtibial

Impact Level: Low, Moderate and High

Characteristics: Active skin care, Easy Glide, Fabric cover, Silken inner surface and Stabilising matrix

Suspension method: Seal-In and Locking

Available sizes: 16-45

Iceross Seal-In® X Locking
Iceross Seal-In® X Locking