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Iceross Seal-In® X TF

Iceross Seal-In® X TF

Iceross Seal-In® X TF Iceross brings advanced Seal-In technology to users, featuring a moveable hypobaric membrane for personalized fit of unique limb shapes and volume fluctuations. Easy to invert and don, even for less active users with hand dexterity issues.

Product Description

Iceross Seal-In® X TF Liner was designed specifically to address the challenges faced by a large number of people with transfemoral amputations

For many users, varying pressure points and the shape of their residual limb can cause problems with a suction suspension liner

This liner is thinner, tougher and longer and features advanced Seal-in technology with a separate and movable seal ring for personalized fit of unique limb shapes and volume fluctuations

The seal rings are coated with Easy Glide low friction coating, eliminating the need of alcohol spray or other lubricants for socket donning

There are three different options of seal rings; X-Classic – the classic day-to-day seal, X-Grip – for good rotational control and X-Volume – accommodates more volume reduction

New seal rings can be ordered as required and renewed without the need for a new liner

Combine Seal-In Technology with Unity vacuum system for stabilization of volume fluctuations and comfortable socket fit throughout the day

General Information

Level of limb difference: Knee disarticulation and Transfemoral

Impact Level: Low, Moderate, High and Extreme

Characteristics: Active skin care, Conical, Fabric cover, Silken inner surface and Easy Glide

Suspension method: Seal-In