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The iFIT System

The iFIT Transfemoral System

Expedited Fitting Process

The iFIT system allows for the fastest fitting available. Fit in a single visit using just hand tools, the iFIT limits the number
of visits needed to get immuno-compromised patients mobilized faster.

The latest iFIT Transfemoral socket has been clinically tested and scientifically proven to provide high levels of comfort for persons with transfemoral limb loss.

Enhanced Sitting Comfort

The iFIT Transfemoral socket is highly customizable and allows for a lower trim line than seen on conventional sockets. No more uncomfortable brim to sit on.

Each socket can be tailored to fit each individual’s limb length and size. Socket modification is easy and fast.

Adjust Whenever, Wherever

​The system can easily accommodate highly compressible thigh tissue for total contact — ideal as a preparatory for any individual that desires greater adjustability. No socks needed!

Alignment Is A Breeze

Each socket is aligned with our specially designed offset that works exclusively with the iFIT system. Optional wedges are included to adjust degrees of flexion in the socket.

Lighter Weight Socket

Injection molded materials undergo rigorous strength testing to provide a safe and stable socket. The iFIT sockets are lighter weight yet highly durable to withstand the elements.​

Easy Donning and Doffing

Easy on. The socket opens up to allow for easy donning and doffing, while the buckle system provides a snug fit. No more struggle to fit in your socket.

The iFIT Transtibial System

Fit In A Single Visit Under Two Hours

Fit and aligned in a single session which means less visits. We understand the challenges that the amputee community could be facing. Our devices can help encourage and meet the needs of those with a compromised immune system.

Patient Centered Care

Adjusts and accommodates volume fluctuations from daily edema changes in patients with heart or renal disorders. Also accommodates longer term limb changes due to limb maturation after limb loss ― it can serve as an ideal preparatory prosthesis.

Consistent Quality

Modular and mass produced with high level of quality controls that insure consistent strength and durability. ​Reduces the tooling and manufacturing overhead costs.

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