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Pro-Flex® XC

Pro-Flex® XC

Move naturally.

Pro-Flex XC prosthetic foot is designed for active users who enjoy hiking and jogging, as well as walking on level ground.

Pro-Flex XC is fully resistant to both chlorine and salt water submersion.

The Pro-Flex XC foot reduces the need for the user to actively push the body forward and helps to equalize stride length. It allows for forward progression of the limb, reducing impact to the joints for ultimate comfort and ease.

As with all Pro-Flex devices, it features our proprietary 3-blade design with full effective toe lever and a more anatomical split toe. In addition, Pro-Flex XC includes a lightweight foot cover featuring a grippy sole for barefoot stability on wet, slick surfaces. It is easy to clean, adapts to a range of footwear and has a natural arch and footprint.

Pro-Flex® XC
Pro-Flex® XC
Pro-Flex® XC

Product Description

Pro-Flex XC was developed to comfortably accommodate relatively active users, who enjoys hiking and jogging, as well as level-ground walking

Comes with an aesthetically pleasing, anatomical footcover and integrated male pyramid

Pro-Flex XC is rated Waterproof, which means it is fully resistant to both chlorine and salt water submersion

Key Features

  • Active tibial progression
  • Carbon-X® active heel
  • Full-length toe lever
  • Proportional response
  • Sandal Toe
  • Split Toe

Jami Marseilles Pro-Flex Story

Pro-Flex® XC
Pro-Flex® XC

Pro-Flex by Össur

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Pro-Flex® XC
Pro-Flex® XC