CPM – Continuous Passive Motion

CPM (continuous passive motion) is a safe and effective way to prevent stiffness, reduce pain and swelling after orthopedic surgery to the knee, shoulder and elbow. Properly applied and used, CPM increases the chances of obtaining maximum range of motion following surgery or trauma. Speak with your doctor today about the benefits of CPM therapy and prescribing CPM for you.

Game Changer™

Patented Technology that Changes the Way Real Extension is Attained Post-Surgery

Game ChangerPatented breakthrough Game Changer technology gives the physician the ability to minimize contractures of the knee to maintain and attain full range of motion as quickly as possible.

  • A newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.
  • Ideal for patients with a known extension deficit or concern of one
  • Finally static stretch is combined with passive motion!
  • Game Changer knee extension assist device can maintain and attain range of motion

More Info

Elbow CPM

cpm elbowOffers physicians and their patients the utmost in versatility by providing anatomically correct passive motion of the elbow joint with or without synchronized pronation/supination of the forearm. In addition, the Kinetec 6080 rolls on locking wheels and is usable in bed or a chair. Its 135° range of motion fits a wide variety of applications while the variable speed control allows progressive changes in therapy. Accidental program changes and potential injuries can be avoided thanks to the lockable range-of-motion setting.

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