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Rebound® Post-Op Elbow

Rebound® Post-Op Elbow

The Rebound® Post-Op Elbow is a lightweight and simple to use, multi-functional brace that provides controlled range-of-motion after common injuries or surgeries to the elbow.

Product description

The Rebound® Post-Op Elbow brace by Össur combines intuitive features for fitters and users with a design that aims to improve the post-op experience.

Combining a drop-lock hinge and four telescoping paddles, individual post-op protocols are easily catered to.

The Rebound Post-Op Elbow, lightest of its kind, promotes user comfort with straps that stay in place, anatomical left/right fit with moldable stability cuffs, and blue patient touch-points for easy education.

Intended use

  • The Rebound® Post-Op Elbow is an adjustable brace intended for patients recovering from severe elbow injury or surgical procedures involving the elbow
  • The brace is intended for both elbow immobilization and range-of-motion restriction
  • The function of the Rebound Post-Op Elbow brace is to support the elbow during recovery
  • The adjustable hinge can restrict range-of-motion depending on the stage of recovery
  • The Rebound Post-Op Elbow brace is a non-invasive, single-patient, adjustable brace
  • The brace is intended to fit securely around the arm of the patient
  • The brace can be worn at all times during patient post-operation recovery

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to be the most lightweight brace on the market.
  • Telescoping paddles relocate to individualize length and keep incision sites clear.
  • Easy education for users with intuitive patient touch-points, including Blue is You™ buckles and numbered strapping system.
  • Drop-Lock hinge enables secure range-of-motion with bump-resistant pull adjustment stops and optional ROM lock-outs.
  • Moldable stability cuffs designed to be individually customized for improved fit and support.
  • Strap guides maintain strap location for added security and comfort.
  • Universal size, left and right version.


  • Indications requiring elbow immobilization and/or range-of-motion restriction.
    This may include: – Stable fractures of the elbow, distal humerus, proximal radius or ulna – Tendon and ligament injuries or repairs – Collateral ligament reconstructions – Elbow hyperextension – Triceps tendon repair – Chronic elbow injuries – Tennis elbow release