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i-Digits® Quantum

Put on your shirt. Pack your bags. Tie your shoes. Get on with your day. The i-Digits™ Quantum myoelectric partial hand prosthesis is designed with independently motorized fingers and a manual rotating thumb that works in conjunction with any remaining digits. As part of Össur’s Touch Solutions, the i-Digits Quantum is available with up to 32 automated grips, while the Gesture Control feature provides access to your favorite grips just by moving the prosthesis. All for a life without limitations.

i-Digits Quantum is a myoelectric prosthetic device for individuals with partial hand loss or deficiency.

i-Digits Quantum is appropriate for partial hand absence. Suitable candidates present with absence of 1 to 5 digits, where the level of loss or deficiency is distal to the wrist and proximal to the metacarpophalangeal joint.

0i-Digits Quantum offers the ability to change grips with a simple gesture.

Bebionic Hand

aesthetic, natural, adaptable

Comfortable, intuitive and precise – the bebionic hand is transforming the lives and abilities of amputees around the world. 

With 14 different grips and hand positions, the bebionic artificial hand makes it easy to carry out day-to-day activities such as eating meals, carrying bags, opening doors, switching on lights, and typing.

Individual motors in each finger allow you to precisely control the hand and grasp objects in a natural, coordinated way. Proportional speed control gives you control over delicate tasks.

The hand is available in two different sizes and with three wrist versions to suit individual requirements.

When combined with Myo Plus pattern recognition, the bebionic provides direct, intuitive, and natural control of the hand. 

The bebionic hand is suitable for all users who have intact muscle activity in one or more muscles in the residual limb.
The bebionic hand is especially suitable for users with low to moderate activity levels, as heavy activity should be avoided. 

The bebionic hand is fitted by certified O&P professionals in partner medical supply companies whose employees have completed special training. A trial fitting may be obtained from one of these companies. It takes place over a predetermined period of time and is monitored by Ottobock when needed.

We are unable to make any general statements regarding this. However, the amount of training required to confidently use a myoelectric hand prosthesis can be compared with learning to play a musical instrument.
After a few hours, it is usually possible to open and close the prosthetic hand. After this, the hand prosthesis also needs to be used on a regular basis if it is to be integrated successfully at work and in your everyday routines. It usually takes around three to six months before most users have integrated the prosthesis into their daily lives.

A fitting includes all the components integrated into a socket, a customised socket and the correct settings for the hand, which will be adjusted by the O&P professional. The assembly and training with the prosthesis are of course part of this, as well as regular service inspections.

The operating time of the battery in the prosthesis depends largely on how the prosthesis is used in day-to-day life. On average, the battery will last a whole day. We recommend charging the battery every day. This ensures that the prosthesis is always ready to use.

Wearing the bebionic hand with the prosthetic glove is recommended for daily use. It protects the hand against moisture, dirt and dust.

The bebionic hand is what is known as a myoelectrically controlled hand prosthesis, which means you control it with your own muscle signals in the residual limb.
Here’s how it works: “Myoelectric” is the technical term for muscle activity in the residual limb that generates electric current in the microvolt range. This is registered by electrodes and calculated in fractions of a second. Based on these data, electric motors in the prosthesis control the gripping and turning movements of the prosthetic hand.

Ottobock has developed the ErgoArm and DynamicArm elbow components for amputations above the elbow joint. Your O&P professional will advise you in detail and answer all your questions regarding a possible fitting.

The bebionic hand offers 14 different gripping options. The user and O&P professional can select a total of eight of these options. You can see the different grips under the “Grips” tab.

No, you cannot shower or bathe with the bebionic hand.
There are no standard prosthesis components for showering and swimming; individual adaptations are made by your O&P professional.
However, you can wash your hands provided that the prosthesis glove is intact and the cuff is long enough that no water can get into the prosthesis from the end.

A touchscreen can be used with the bebionic hand small if no glove is worn.

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