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Game Changer™

Patented Technology that Changes the Way Real Extension is Attained Post-Surgery

Game ChangerPatented breakthrough Game Changer technology gives the physician the ability to minimize contractures of the knee to maintain and attain full range of motion as quickly as possible.

  • A newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.
  • Ideal for patients with a known extension deficit or concern of one
  • Finally static stretch is combined with passive motion!
  • Game Changer knee extension assist device can maintain and attain range of motion

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Unloader® Hip

Unloader HipThe Unloader Hip brace is designed to reduce pain by optimizing load dispersion and proprioceptive control for patients suffering from mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis (OA), thus contributing to hip stability and improved mobility.

Indications for use:

  • Mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis (OA)

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RAPID Zap™ Ankle Orthosis

RAPID Zap Ankle Orthosis

  • Tri-Lace-Pod straps ensure RAPID and absolute ankle fit and security.
  • Wide open spaces guarantee your foot will easily enter the brace for RAPID application.
  • Unique top strap aligner allows maximum adjustment, Rapid application and support.
  • Figure-eight straps mimic ankle taping job in a preferred neutral position providing resistance to “roll over” ankle injury while not restricting RAPID walking and running.
  • Sturdy construction and seamless design offers comfort, RAPID application, quality and durability.
  • Elastic cuff closure secures laces and straps while offering additional RAPID compression.

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Global Knee™

Global Knee

  • Designed specifically to address “Global” Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Surgery is often delayed for Bi & Tricompartmental OA patients: Conservative care guidelines, patient logistical needs, necessary medical and behavioral improvements and the emotional readiness of the patient often cause delays. The Global OA addresses patient pain, provides stability and assists in mobility, helping patients through these times.
  • Patella Sling The “Sling” allows for directional control of the patella and offers a slight tilt adjustment.
  • Hybrid Wrap Around Format Closed calf section with a wrap around thigh section allows patients to adjust the size of the thigh to accommodate changes in girth.
  • Soft, Comfortable Condyle Pads Soft, oversized Comfort Foam pads accommodate the inflamed bulbous knee.
  • Thin Removable Trakaderm™ “U” Buttress This is a “positional buttress” which can be adjusted for each individual patient’s need. In addition it can be removed if not required as a therapeutic modality.
  • Soft Durable Lycra Pre-Formed Popliteal Panel A thin, soft fabric in the popliteal area provides more comfort. This results in less skin irritation, an overall better fit and higher patient compliance.
  • Reinforced hinge pockets provide durability and double as a built in pull up assist.
  • Constructed of breathable lycra urethane laminate and spacer fabric.
  • The ROM hinges are slightly offset to accommodate inflamed bulbous knees.

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Velocity™ Hinged Knee (Anterior Closure)

Velocity Hinged Knee (Anterior Closure)

  • With Range-of-Motion stops (included), brace can function as a knee immobilizer, a full range of motion brace, or anywhere in between
  • Constructed of Kuhl™ perforated neoprene to maximize patient comfort and compliance
  • Available in anterior closure and pull-up designs
  • An ideal “return to sports” brace for post MCL and ACL injuries
  • Low profile polycentric hinges replicate anatomical knee motion and eliminate “knee-knock” associated with braces of higher profile design
  • Hinges are removable for easy brace cleaning

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Shields II™ Brace

Shields II BraceThe SHIELDS II™ designed to be lower profile, lighter weight, more breathable and extremely comfortable.

  • Dynamic Control of the patella reduces pain and assists in a successful rehab.
  • Trakaderm™ U-shaped buttress allows for treatment of multiple patella indications by adjusting the buttress to the symptomatic contact point no matter the malalignment.
  • One brace fits both left & right for less inventory.
  • Independent calf and thigh straps adjust for contours of the leg.
  • Low Profile and extremely durable.
  • Patella positioning without buckles.
  • Medial and Lateral Spiral Stays prevent bunching, while allowing full range of motion.

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Neoprene Thumb Orthosis

Neoprene Thumb Orthosis

  • Neoprene construction provides an excellent fit of the hand and thumb
  • Supports the MP and CMC joints while allowing full finger motion
  • An excellent resting splint for thumb tendonitis and de Quervain’s Tendinitis
  • Universal size – one size fits all
  • Elasticized straps for comfortable compression
  • Malleable stay offers excellent customization

Titan™ Thumb Orthosis

Titan Thumb Orthosis

  • Perforated materials for breathability
  • The adjustable lacing pull fastens with one hand
  • Oblique thumb stay is malleable to allow for desired thumb position and rigid enough for excellent thumb stability
  • One size right and one size left significantly reduces inventory
  • Provides abduction control, angle adjustability, and easy reapplication
  • Removable, malleable palmal stay and dorsal stays
  • On small hands, the eyelets will clamshell over the laces for a smooth overlap
  • The brace remains below the palmar crease and allows finger dexterity while securing the thumb
  • Contour lateral stay pod for customized fit

Modabber™ Wrist Orthosis

Modabber Wrist Orthosis

  • Constructed of Kuhl™ perforated neoprene, allowing moisture to escape, while retaining heat and providing compression
  • 4 way stretch of neoprene ensures brace conforms to contour of hand
  • Aluminum palmal stay is removable and malleable
  • Patented patient assist strap makes one-handed application easy
  • Universal sizing reduces inventory needs

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Titan™ Wrist – Lacing Orthosis

Titan Wrist - Lacing Orthosis

  • Perforated materials for breathability
  • Universal size reduces stocking needs
  • Adjustable pull and lacing system fastens with one hand
  • Anatomically contoured palmal stay is malleable for customization and removable for “step-down” rehabilitation
  • The brace fits below the palmar crease for full finger dexterity
  • Dorsal stay pod can be moved proximal or distal for desired level of dorsiflexion restriction
  • On small hands, they eyelets will clamshell over the laces for a smooth overlap

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Ulnar Abutment Brace

Ulnar Abutment Brace

  • Treating ulnar side wrist pain through comfortable gel buttressing and compression, the UAB helps stabilize the DRUJ, decreasing pain and increasing function
  • Place Gel pad against the Ulnar Styloid
  • Different gel buttress configurations for best fit against Ulnar Styloid

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TKO® (The Knuckle Orthosis)

TKO The Knuckle OrthosisOne splint acts as a Boxer’s Fracture splint (ulnar gutter),Radial Gutter splint, and Middle & Ring Finger splint.

  • Provides positioning for fractures or injuries to metacarpals, phalanges, MCP and IP joints
  • Universal size, Right and Left
  • Straps infinitely adjustable for fit and comfort (pain & swelling)
  • Distal buddy strapping eliminates rotation of the finger
  • Padded stays are malleable and allow for customized fit
  • Reversible – one splint acts as a Boxer’s Fracture splint (ulnar gutter), Radial Gutter splint, and Middle & Ring Finger splint

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MTC™ Fracture Brace

MTC Fracture BraceWave good-bye to Sugar-Tong Splints and Munster Casts!
A fresh alternative to painstaking casting and splinting procedures

  • Controls forearm pronation/supination
  • Allows elbow flexion/extension
  • Simple and fast application
  • Comfortable fit
  • Easily adjusted
  • Step-down capability

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CMC Controller Plus

CMC Controller Plus

  • The CMC Controller Plus is designed specifically to treat dysfunction of the thumb CMC joint.
  • Completely trimable so that it can be customized to each patient.
  • Two sizes, right and left will keep your inventory to a minimum.
  • The patient assist strap makes for simple, independent application.
  • Low profile design leaves wrist and fingers free for unrestricted motion.
  • The sling strap offers additional support to keep the CMC joint seated and opens the web space encouraging a functional resting position.
  • The malleable stay hugs and lifts the head of the metacarpal while simultaneously seating the basilar joint aiding in pain relief.

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“Squeeze” Ulnar Compression Wrap

Squeeze Ulnar Compression Wrap

  • Compression and comfortable wrist support effective for Treatment of Ulnar Wrist Pain where compression of the wrist (squeeze) provides relief.
  • Universal; fits both the right and left wrist
  • Easy application
  • Non-slip interior prevents slippage without a tourniquet effect
  • Perforated to let moisture escape

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Form Fit® OA Wraparound

Form Fit OA WraparoundThe Form Fit OA Wraparound is a cost effective, low-profile option for patients with mild to moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis. The Dynamic Force Strap tensions as the leg extends, providing pain relief in a single pull motion.

The slim polycentric hinge design and breathable material offers a discreet and comfortable fit. Dot-coded color wrap closures allows for a simple donning procedure for the user.

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Rebound® Cartilage

Rebound CartilageThe success of an articular cartilage repair is dependent upon patient compliance during the rehabilitation process and the protocol is based on restricted cartilage load combined with gradual increase in activity. Many rehabilitation protocols suggest partial weight-bearing as the standard of care for successful outcomes. However, patient compliance to partial weight-bearing instructions with crutches has been shown to be inconsistent.

The Rebound Cartilage is a protective functional solution designed to support regeneration of the knee cartilage after repair procedures such as Microfracture, OATS and (M)ACI. Based on the clinically-proven 3-Points of Leverage System and patented Cartilage Protection Straps,™ joint unloading is maintained in flexion for protection of the cartilage during the healing process.

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Cervical-Stim® Osteogenesis Stimulator

Cervical-Stim Osteogenesis StimulatorCervical-Stim​​​ is the only osteogenesis stimulator approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)​ as a noninvasive, adjunctive treatment option for cervical fusion.1 The device uses pulsed electromagnetic f​ield (PEMF) technology to increase fusion success in patients at high risk for non-​fusion. With an overall clinical success rate of ​84 percent, Cervical-Stim increases fusion success significantly​ by 22 percent​ when used adjunctively to surgery.1,2


  • The only osteogenesis stimulator approved by the FDA for use in cervical fusion1
  • Delivers broad PEMF​​ treatment coverage for multilevel fusion1
  • Works effectively when worn over clot​hing or bracing
  • Lightweight, all-in-one unit with no cords allows unrestricted patient mobility during treatment​
  • Built-in daily​ monitoring software to track patient compliance

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CMF SpinaLogic® Bone Growth Stimulator

CMF SpinaLogic Bone Growth StimulatorCMF SpinaLogic is a portable, battery-powered, micro-controlled, noninvasive bone growth stimulator indicated as an adjunct electromagnetic treatment to primary lumbar spinal fusion surgery for one or two levels.

New SpinaLogic design + Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) Technology =

  • Comfortable – Anatomical cushioning and moldable padded belting
  • Easy to use – Improved comfort, customized fit & one-button operation
  • Lightweight – Soft, breathable fabrics ensure durability and comfort
  • Noninvasive – Worn for only 30 minutes per day (shortest weartime available)

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CMF OL1000™ Bone Growth Stimulator

CMF OL1000 Bone Growth StimulatorCMF OL1000 Bone Growth Stimulators are portable, battery-powered medical devices indicated for use in the noninvasive treatment of an established nonunion fracture acquired secondary to trauma, excluding all vertebrae and flat bones. The device has the following features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy-to-use & Noninvasive
  • Requires simple, one-button operation
  • Device is worn for only 30 minutes per day
  • Can be used with internal or external fixation or over a cast

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The Posture Shirt

alignmed posture shirt available from BioDynamic TechnologiesEngineered with AlignMed’s patented NeuroBand™ Technology, the Posture Shirt® provides postural control, muscle activation important biofeedback for muscle retraining. View brochure

Unlike anything you have put on your body, you will feel the effects of The Posture Shirt® immediately:

  • A Gentle Pull
  • Pain Relief
  • Core Alignment
  • Thermogenesis(This Is Your Muscle Activating)

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Kneehab XP – Quadriceps Therapy System

Kneehab XP – Quadriceps Therapy SystemAdvanced Therapy for Quadriceps Strengthening

The Kneehab XP is an innovative and clinically-proven device that offers Multipath NMES for quadriceps strengthening and improved knee stability. Our patented MultipathTM stimulation technology delivers accurately coordinated quadriceps contractions to accelerate recovery so you can get back to your normal activities. Published research has shown Multipath to be more effective at restoring strength and function than standard physical therapy or standard NMES. Integrating Kneehab XP into knee care before and after surgery can help promote early quadriceps strengthening and knee stability.

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Miami Lumbar™ LSO

The human anatomy is curved. Which is why both the Miami Lumbar belt itself and its various support panels are sculpted to hug the contours of the back, improving comfort, stabilization and compliance.

Breathable Aerospacer fabric and ventilated support panels combine to keep Miami Lumbar cool and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

The trimmable belt combines with heat- moldable anterior and posterior panels to create a customizable, modular system. Step up, or down, the support level to satisfy the immobilization needs of any patient.


Reimbursement varies according to your insurance coverage –
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Rebound™ Air Walker & Air Walker – Lo Top

The Rebound™ Air Walker features a host of details designed to provide added protection, superior compression, simplified application and usage, improved comfort and, ultimately, successful patient outcomes

Indications for Use

  • Grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains
  • Stable foot and ankle fractures
  • Trauma
  • Post-operative and rehab purposes

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DVT – Home Care Kit

DVT - Home Care KitThe DVTCare Personal Circulation Assistant is designed to help prevent the occurence of blood clots in the deep veins of the legs, known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

The DVTCare Ca5 aids in the prevention of DVT by applying pneumatic compression to the lower leg thereby increasing venous velocity and preventing venous stasis.

Hospitals have been using similar blood clot prevention devices for decades, and with great success. However, never before has this therapy been able to be continued at home with such convenience.

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Bledsoe Extender Plus Post-Op Brace

Bledsoe Extender Plus Post-Op BraceWhen post-op care demands the best, the Bledsoe Extender Plus Brace meets the physicians’ needs. Adjustable from 22″ to 34″ (56 cm to 86 cm) in length and up to 34″ (86 cm) in leg circumference, this brace easily fits patients from 5′ (152 cm) to 6′ 5″ (196 cm) tall, and adapts as the patient progresses. The Bledsoe Extender Plus is so versatile there is no need for an expensive custom-fitted brace.

Indications for Use

This device is indicated for immediate application to knees for locked or limited motion control of knee during rehabilitation after operative procedures or injury to knee ligaments (MCL, LCL, ACL and PCL), patellar ligament, articular cartilage, meniscus, or stable or internally fixed fractures of tibial plateau, condyles, proximal tibia or distal femur.

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Unloader One® Plus OTS

Unloader One Plus OTSFor a variety of reasons, many sufferers of OA knee pain are overweight. For these patients, containing excess soft tissue is essential if they are to be braced effectively and comfortably. That’s why our new Unloader One Plus model is equipped with a wider thigh strap than the standard version, plus a gastroc strap that helps secure the brace in place.

Extra large support

Bigger legs require bigger support. So, for the new Unloader One Plus model, we included a sturdier upright with an Adjustable Dynamic Joint that provides clinicians with additional leverage for optimal pain management. Multiple, peer-reviewed clinical and biomechanical studies have proven the efficacy of this technology.

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Trainer OA

Trainer OATrainer OA is a cost-effective, easy-to-fit solution for patients with mild to moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis (OA).

Indications for Use

  • Mild to moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis
  • For patients who prefer a “soft” brace
  • For patients who have mild impairment of cognitive and/or manual dexterity
  • Recommended for low to medium contact/impact

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Mobilegs Ultra Crutches

Mobilegs Ultra CrutchesMobilegs Ultra CrutchesSuperior Design Combined with New Technology

Say goodbye to traditional crutches. Discover an entirely new mobility experience with Mobilegs, crutches that deliver the highest level of fit, comfort and performance.

Ultra Saddle

  • Flexible mesh distributes weight evenly
  • Spring absorbs pressure and motion, minimizing chafing
  • Pivots to allow users comfortable, fluid movement
  • Saddle rotates, properly aligning shoulders, arms and hands

Ergonomic Hand Grip

  • Neutral wrist position distributes weight optimally
  • Conforms to hand, distributing pressure and weight evenly for better load-bearing

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