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Pediatric Lower Limb Bracing

Noninvasive treatment to help the body's own healing process.

Toe Walking SMO

Toe Walking SMO

This SMO modification is designed for patients with low tone who toe walk due to sensory or stability concerns. It does not block plantarflexion. Instead, it facilitates a heel-toe gait pattern by using compression and a posterior tongue extension which provides a kinesthetic reminder to stay down. Kids are free to continue working on gait development and gross motor skills that require plantarflexion.


Surestep treats toe walking at the source by fixing pronation and providing proprioceptive input.

Surestep SMO with Open Heel Modification

The Open Heel is a modification available on most of our SMOs and AFOs. Instead of the standard heel post, the plastic is cut away on the plantar surface of the heel. To reduce the risk of pinching and to maintain compression and calcaneal position, we have added a very thin molded inner boot.

Surestep SMO

The Surestep SMO has revolutionized orthotic management for children with hypotonia. Through the use of extremely thin, flexible thermoplastic, the Surestep SMO compresses the soft tissues of the foot with its patented design; stabilizing children while still allowing for natural development..


Surestep SMOs are carefully marked as ‘left’ and ‘right’ so the unique compression system can work its magic. Our products help to stabilize the foot and relieve stress on ankles, knees and hips so your child can grow and develop as a happy and healthy kid.

Turbo Solid Ankle AFO With Molded Inner Boot

The DAFO Turbo is a two-part design consisting of a thin, wraparound SMO inner liner combined with a rigid outer AFO upright that effectively blocks ankle movement. The DAFO Turbo provides one of the highest levels of ankle/foot control available in the DAFO line of orthoses, with strong ankle plantarflexion and dorsiflexion block. The DAFO Turbo is effective for patients who present with a crouched posture with some positional correction available at the hip, knee, and ankle. This design is also an effective solid-ankle brace.

DAFO Tami2 Articulated AFO with/without Plantar Stop

A custom-fabricated, articulated orthosis with straight or dorsi-assist Tamarack hinges. This two-part brace has a flexible polyethylene inner liner for comfortable foot alignment, combined with a plantarflexion block posterior upright.

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