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Adjustable night-stretching AFO

Adjustable night-stretching AFO

The DAFO 9 Softy is designed for limited daytime use and/or as part of a night-stretching program. The stretching straps of the articulated proximal section allow positional adjustment in order to help gain or maintain ankle range. The elastic sections of the stretching straps provide a more effective stretch. The DAFO 9 Softy provides excellent hindfoot and forefoot control, promoting proper foot positioning. The soft foam liner is ideal for patients with challenging foot anatomy, difficult-to-correct feet, or those prone to pressure points and irritation.


  • For patients who lack range of motion at the ankle due to tight calf muscles and Achilles tendon.
  • For patients who would benefit from passive, adjustable stretching when resting or sleeping to improve range of motion.

Key Features

  • Solid anterior component
  • Light, soft plastic outer shell
  • Elastic sections of stretching straps
  • Extended toe shelf trimline