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Hip Arthroscopy Braces

DonJoy® VersaROM® Hip Brace

DonJoy® VersaROM® Hip Brace

Precise, Individualized Protection and Support

The low-profile, DonJoy® VersaROM® Hip helps deliver effective, functional ROM restriction in 15° increments. Easy-to-use abduction/adduction push buttons and malleable hip and thigh shells help provide an individualized fit for increased patient comfort and compliance. The adjustable compression belt with easy-grip pull tabs anchors the hip joint, and the padded thigh cuff increases optimal alignment. With a universal fit, one brace fits right or left hip up to a 54” waist circumference.

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Unloader® Hip

The Unloader Hip brace is designed to reduce pain by optimizing load dispersion and proprioceptive control for patients suffering from mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis (OA), thus contributing to hip stability and improved mobility.

Indications for use:

  • Mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis (OA)

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Rebound Hip™

Össur’s Rebound Hip brace delivers gentle controlling forces and effective functional ROM restriction in extension/ flexion and abduction/ adduction to promote optimal post-surgical outcomes. The low-profile, lightweight design supports patient comfort and compliance. The universal frame and softgood are easy to stock, assemble and quickly fit.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick-fit, adjustable frame allows for universal use and reduction of inventory
  • Quick-release pegs easily adjust the desired range of motion
  • Universal belt fits 25″-48″ hip circumference with belt extender capabilities that can fit up to 67″ hip circumference
  • Breathable softgoods and comfort to maximize patient compliance
  • Lightweight and slim-profile designed to make using crutches easier
  • Optional thigh strap for patient’s requiring a higher level of rotational control
  • OR Kit offers patient protection of ankle and perineum skin during intraoperative traction on a surgical table. Post-operatively, the pad and foot protectors offer comfortable protection from external rotation during sleep.

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Bledsoe Philippon Post-Op Hip Brace

Bledsoe Philippon Post-Op Hip BraceThe Bledsoe Philippon Post-Op Hip Brace was developed in collaboration with Dr. Marc Philippon, MD, Director of Sports Medicine/Hip Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh. The brace limits hip flexion/extension as well as abduction and adduction in 15° increments from -30° to 105°. The brace can also lock in any position from -30° to 60°. The post-operative or post-injury brace protects patients following total hip revisions, arthroscopic hip repairs or other hip joint surgeries, injuries or problems that can benefit from range-of-motion control.


This device is indicated for post-operative or post-injury use for limited range-of-motion control of hip flexion/ extension; as well as limited abduction and adduction of the hip joint following total hip revisions, arthroscopic hip repairs or other hip joint surgeries, injuries or problems that can benefit from range-of-motion control.

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