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Guardian Sport EXT Rehabilitator™

Clinically more effective than Dynamic Splinting and Static Progressive Stretch (SPS)

  • Patient preferred ambulating therapy reverses flexion contractures and extension deficits in gait
  • Only therapy to simultaneously strengthen the quads while lengthening the hamstrings
  • Patented extension assist technology provides an active extension stretch with every step
  • Provides a therapeutic “glide” stretch with every step; estimated 90,000 active stretches in 30 days with 3 hours wear a day
  • Eliminates Quadriceps Avoidance gait
  • Ideal for post-surgery extension deficit therapy
  • Ordered for knee instability due to extension deficit and generalized muscle weakness

Ideal EXTENDED (18 inch) double upright knee brace with active swing assist to effectively reverse post-surgical extension deficit / flexion contractures of 10 degrees or more. Strategically positioned pneumatic air bladders at the thigh and calf when inflated reduce knee joint subluxation caused by hamstring shortening. Air bladders at the knee when inflated provide gentle joint compression and medial, lateral, and rotational support of the knee joint. Adjustable swing assist provides active extension “glide” stretch therapy as the patient walks. Improved extension in gait increases quadriceps firing significantly strengthening the leg over time. Sport EXT therapy is the only extension deficit / flexion contracture therapy that normalizes gait and simultaneously strengthens the quads while it lengthens the hamstrings.

Gait correcting, leg strengthening Rehabilitator™ therapy to reverse extension deficits in gait; flexion contracture of the knee of 10 degrees or more. Strategically placed pneumatic air bladders at the thigh and calf when inflated correct knee subluxation normally found in knee flexion contractures of 10 degrees or more. Air bladders at the knee joint when inflated provide gentle knee joint compression and effectively provide medial, lateral, and rotational control of the knee. The combined knee joint realignment provided by the thigh and calf air bladders with the gentle compression provided by the knee air bladders allows the active swing assist of the brace to provide the optimal therapeutic “glide” stretch each time the patient extends the leg during gait. In three hours of active wear, the average patient receives 3,000 active extension stretches while wearing the brace. Patients who wear the brace 3 hours or more a day average 10 degrees of improved extension a month.

Sport EXT Rehabilitator™ active swing assist therapy is the ONLY extension deficit / knee flexion contracture therapy that simultaneously lengthens the flexors while strengthening the quadriceps muscles. The improved extension while walking in the brace increases quadriceps activation, strengthening the weakened quadriceps as the patient simply walks in the brace.

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